Lead Pastor:

Jason Kilby

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Hello, my name is Jason Kilby. I am a life-long resident of Danville, KY where I am proud to call my home. I am blessed to have a beautiful wife named Sarrah whom I fell in love with in college and been married since 2001. Since then we have had 4 amazing little M’s! I like to call them my M&M’s…Maximus, Mia, Micaiah, and Mathias. Truly, I am blessed with my family and I thank God for allowing me the privilege to be entrusted with such an honor. I love date nights and movies with my wife and I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with my M&M's every second I have.

In 2011 I was struck with an idea of what church could look like if we just follow the simple plan found in the bible which would be Discipleship. Around 3 months later I was able to attend the Passion Conference in Atlanta, GA where I listened to Francis Chan, a nationally know Christian author, pastor, and speaker as he exposed his heart to us about why he was leaving his church he started. As well as, why David Platt another pastor, author, visionary who had been given a new direction in life to go after the ones who will not come to church.

Both men felt so strongly about the church and discipleship and knew there were others in the crowd that had been called to do the same thing. I was sitting in the crowd not knowing they were going to talk about this, but I knew they were talking straight to me. I thought I was heading to Africa to plant a church, but I realized over time that the area I knew the best and that needed my family the most, is the area I grew up in, which is in the Center of KY. After many more restless nights and praying together with friends and family, we knew what God was stirring in our hearts. God allowed some amazing folks to come into our life and mentor us as we became obedient to the idea of what planting a church looked like.

Since 2001, I have been involved in some type of ministerial role from college at Eastern Kentucky University as the Baptist Campus Minister, to seminary at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, to serving full-time in the local church and networking around the region. Since 2012 we began the journey called Centerpoint Church with a passion of reaching the hungry, the lost, and the ones who are stagnate in their personal relationship with Christ in the area I grew up in to further the Kingdom of Christ in ways we never thought possible. Together along with others who are like minded, we have seen our Changed Lives, Change Lives.