Together, we are a force for good!  We can make a massive difference in the lives of people in Central Kentucky in Jesus' name right NOW if we center on His mission.

That's the heartbeat and rhythm behind Centerpoint Church and

our Love Loud Now vision.

At the core of it all is a desire to wed worship and justice, believing that is what God wants most, not just another song, but a reflection of His love and mercy among the poor, the imprisoned, the voiceless, and the oppressed in our community.

As a result, no  Love Loud Now gathering will simply be an event you attend. Rather, together we want to shift into action as we partner with amazing causes throughout our community. 

While it's true that none of us can meet the needs alone, it's also true that united we can do something exceptional immeasurably more for Jesus name NOW!

We will see you on our next Love Loud Now event so we all can make a huge difference in our community and Love Loud Now in HIS name.

Interested in volunteering with our Love Loud Now ministry? Simply click HERE to volunteer!