The Scriptures portray God as a loving community between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; three distinct persons who are inseparably one in their being. How this works, precisely, is a mystery. But what it means is simply enough. If loving community is core to God’s nature, and if we are made in God’s image, then loving community is core to our nature too. What we call Church, then, is nothing less than God’s own community extended to each of us and shared among all of us. What we call Gospel, in turn, is nothing less than God’s invitation to all peoples to commune with Him and with each other in His eternal love.

Centerpoint seeks to root everything it does in this understanding of community. Our motives, messages, methods, and aims should always reflect the central priorities of God we see in Jesus Christ. Community Groups are diverse groups in which people from all walks and stages of life can practice being Jesus to one another and to broader Danville community.

While these groups each reflect Centerpoint's three core visions, they also reflect the specific gifting and personalities of their partners. As a result, they provide a Christ-centered context for people at Centerpoint to practice loving each other and living beyond the often isolating, me-first habits of our broader culture.

When a person visits Centerpoint on Sunday, it is a great introduction to the community’s life of worship and communion. Becoming involved in a Community Group, however, is the main way people at Centerpoint can experience the kind of authentic community Christ intends for His followers.

These groups are informal, friendly gatherings that allow us to build community and develop lasting friendships. By taking a next Step and plugging into a groups (First Impressions, Kidzville, Worship, Nest Teams Groups) you will be investing life into the Church and as well on a more personal level have time to just hang out and be yourself while discussing parts of the Bible, praying, and serving together from week to week with your team which drives our Community to become tighter, more intimate, and laser focused on Jesus.