• Advance

    Churches are literally everywhere. You can find one on just about every corner. The last thing we need is another church, right? So then, why did we start CENTERPOINT? Why are we “on a mission to multiply” and what exactly does that even mean? In this series, we’ll find out the answers to all of those questions and why we can’t slow down – we must ADVANCE.

  • Marriage on a Mission weekend

    Great Marriages just don't happen. They take TIME, WORK, and LOVE. The truth is a marriage is a lifelong adventure of growing together through every age and stage of life. The happiest couples are those who commit to learning skills that help them weather difficult seasons and deal confidently with relationship challenges.  The Marriage on a Mission will allow your marriage to understand God's Mission for a healthy, productive, Godly Marriage on a Mission.

    Why should you attend?   Those couples who will attend Marriage on a Mission are ready to invest in their marriage and intentionally move towards oneness because they know their heart longs for more out of their marriage.  Maybe it's because the stresses of marriage from kids, work, communication, or any intruder's in the marriage, they all are overwhelming you and you desperately need help.   Or it could be because this is something you do yearly so you can can create a legacy of greatness for your family around you and teach others as you go.

    Who can attend?  This weekend can be useful for couples in all stages of marriage. While some couples wait until they are on the brink of divorce to attend a weekend like this, others sign up to prepare for their marriage to come. Still, others engage this weekend when they first feel that their relationships are getting a little rocky.  Regardless, this weekend will give couples the chance to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It will remove you from the stresses of children, careers, and housework, so couples can get the opportunity to work on themselves. If you have been married 50 plus years, or newly weds, or preparing to get married, you are invited.

    What will happen?  During the weekend, couples will get to engage in exercises and activities that help them strengthen their marital bonds through different topical sessions.  There will be 3 - 45min sessions on Friday night starting at 630pm, 730pm, 830pm, 3 - 45min sessions Saturday morning starting at 930am, 1030am, 1130am, and there is a 1 hour session at 130pm Saturday afternoon just for men and just for women, and then a date night of your choice to cap off the weekend. (HINT:  You need to plan a date and do something together.)

    We hope you will consider joining us for this weekend...because it has the potential to change our life's and change our marriages as we figure out our mission together with Christ at the Center.

    Note that each ticket is for a couple.  Cost per couple is $45 for the weekend.

    Click here to get your ticket and put your Marriage on a Mission.

  • Living Room

    LIVING ROOM is our student ministry for grades 6th-12th.    Our goal is to create environments where students are encouraged to make wise choices, positively influence their friends, and experience personal ministry through serving others. These Sunday night experiences are the BEST way for students to get connected.  

    LIVING ROOM meets Sunday evening from 6:30pm-8:00pm in the LOFT on MAIN on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.  Students will experience a combination of music, games, teaching, and interaction with a dedicated small group leader.  

    LIVING ROOM purpose is to lead students into a growing relationship with JESUS through Centering, Pointing, and Living.


    We will LOVELOUDNOW through partnering with local misinitry opportunities.    

    Let's LOVELOUDNOW together, because together we are a force for GOOD, that can change our culture.   


    Believe With Us is a series that was started in the Fall of 2015.   And as long as we still have a pulse,  have empty seats, and light bulbs that need to light up, we know we have work to do to reach our neighbors.   

    The question we face often is how should the world view the church? Unfortunately, We BELIEVE our culture has created a brand for the church that Jesus never intended. But we BELIEVE we have the opportunity to give everyone a New Perspective. 

    We BELIEVE God wants us to be part of seeing HIS Kingdom grow through rapid multiplication of making new disciples.   We BELIEVE it's possible to see a new church plant or campus started all over Central Kentucky through multiplication every year.

    Why do we desire to plant churches or a new campus?   Because we BELIEVE the church encourages us to embrace a mandate that could change everything: love your neighbor as yourself.  If we do this, they will know whom we follow.

    We know it's a calling that will require a huge leap of faith and change of Heart - but we BELIEVE it's possible if we simply TRUST in HIM! 

    We want you to BELIEVE WITH US as we change what we care about and make the church a vibrant, fun, thriving environment that people don't want to miss out on.  Join us in the LOFT on Main at 10:45am each Sunday as we continue this series of BELIEVE with US.